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Bonavita Brings Specialty Coffee Home

Our Connoisseur, BV1900TS and BV1900TD coffee brewers are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. It's an award bestowed to only exemplary machines that meet the SCA's rigorous technical standards.

Learn more about the SCA Certified Home Brewer Program.

At Bonavita our team of engineers, product developers and specialty coffee professionals focus their efforts to innovate and simplify home brewing. 

Coffee Brewers
Bonavita automatic coffee brewers have a combination of features that work in harmony to perfect each step of brewing. The enhanced heater is capable of quickly reaching and maintaining an ideal coffee brewing temperature. This powerful heater means better flavor and faster brewing. It takes about 6 minutes to brew an 8-cup carafe. The showerhead ensures even distribution of water over the coffee grounds. The optional pre-infusion mode mimics the pour-over brewing method by pausing the showerhead to give the coffee grounds time to bloom enabling optimal flavor extraction.

Bonavita variable temperature kettles offer precision within single degree increments, enabling you to cater to your specific brew method or tea variety. They also feature gooseneck spouts for control during pouring. The heat and hold function maintains a temperature between 140-208˚F for up to 60 minutes. Bonavita stainless steel variable temperature kettles are commercially UL rated and used by baristas around the globe for their precision and reliability.

The Bonavita rechargeable scale measures within 0.1g increments up to 2,000g. The scale offers two modes, regular and pour-over, each available in ounces or grams. The Pour-Over mode offers auto-tare and auto-timer feature for ease of use. It also has a count-up timer/stopwatch function to help with manual brewing.